An Introvert's Confession

Hi, my name is Aline and I am an introvert. I have long ago decided I do not like to post things on the internet... but that is not helping me achieve certain projects that require “I put myself out there”. So, I’ve been taking baby steps (thanks, instagram! :), and blogging is next on my list of “internet’s wild adventures”.

I do not have an exact idea why I am so fearful of putting myself out there in the world wide web (Shyness? Fear of judgement and/or criticism? Laziness? All of the above?), but without over-complicating or over-thinking, here I am internet! HELLOOOOO! Welcome your humble cavewoman back into the grid!

Now, back to real life. Cheers!

PS: That’s my face up there, doing the “double-chin”... Although you cannot see the double chin (and it was not relevant to the message anyway), I LOVE using this “skill” of mine for pictures, specially if I can get friends to double-chin-it with me. I then later use it as a tool to make me laugh when I am down. No shame. Definitely recommend trying it!