My Daily Success Plan... and The Box!

"As I described prior, on the perfect day exercise, I like to wake up early, take care of my dog, workout, meditate, pray, eat a healthy breakfast, and then get to work. By then, if this ritual has been practiced, at the 9 o’clock hour of the morning I’m feeling like a million bucks! I’m energized, and feeling like I can problem-solve like it’s nobody’s business.

But here is my current issue: my constant use of electronic devices is “putting a dent” on my discipline. I am running out of focus, going to sleep late, and checking emails and social media at odd hours. In consequence of this, I don’t wake up early; much less act on the first few hours of my day, as I aim to. I understand I have to take responsibility and harness my discipline, because this bad habit is harming my daily "setting up for success" ritual."

SUPERPOWERS!!! (I have them... and so do you)

"...I am not into self-abuse or personal lack of appreciation. I am (most of the time) my own best friend, and treat myself as such: with love and kindness. But I can be guilty of being way harsher on me than I would be on anybody else. I blame it on growing up Catholic! (HA! Pardon me, I had to “make a funny” here).

Having said that, listing personal qualities I can use for the benefit of my business, felt a little weird at first. With that in mind (and just so I didn’t feel like my ego was about to explode) I did this exercise in a way I am comfortable with: drawing."

Just Perfect!

"I'm definitely a planner, that likes to be ahead of the curve. But I also like to leave room for the events I did not imagine at all, that are possibly better than anything I could ever conceive. Seeing my "little perfect plan" in front of me just made it so... lame."

My Reason Why

"As a youngster, I watched my parents struggle both professionally and financially. I grew up in Brazil, a country with a lot of economic ups and downs. In many of those “downs”, my parents’ jobs would go with it. Those were tough times: being forced not to work was very taxing on their morale and very sad for me to watch."

Procrastination + Excuses + Lack of Decision = Blurgh.

"...I have learned overtime that the planet will not stop spinning, so I can catch a breath and get my sh*t together. There’s no “perfect time” for me to wait for. It's either now or never. So I figured that I better learn how to “spin with the planet” and build a rhythm in which I can participate in this mess, rather than just watch it happen from the sidelines, as a silent bystander - which I am quite fed up with."

About The Bike Ride (Post III)

...So, on that terrifying highway, I experienced a sense of womanhood and strength: I’d chosen to ride my bike that day, fighting against my urge to cower - because I am healthy and able to do it, blessed to be living and experiencing, so why should I waste it? - At that moment, the highway felt less like a menace and more like my very own playground.