Removed From Chaos

As overwhelmed as I can get with to do's - waitressing, building a freelance business, working on a passion project, and (at the moment) packing my belongings in order to move - I know how to temporarily remove myself from the chaos and recharge.

By no means I want to run from my messy life - it is what it is, and I'll take it! However, I need to push "pause" every so often, take another look around, and gain perspective.

Yesterday was one of those days: I needed a break. And in order to get my energy, as well as my creatuve juices flowing, I removed myself from chaos. For an hour and a half, I unplugged, took my dog to the nearest park, hiked a nature trail, and got frozen yogurt.

Simple, mundane, nothing too fancy... But so significant to the betterment of my brain, my soul and in consequence, anything I produce.

So, with that said, after that breath of fresh air, going back to the chaos was necessary. But with a fresher mind, my perspective is now shifted: my "inner batteries" are recharged, and I can give more of myself until the need to 'kindly escape" for an hour or two re-emerges.

Now, dear reader, think about this: Have you made a point to *temporarily* remove yourself from your chaos recently? I sure hope so!

t Get refreshed. Refreshed minds tend to produce better. "Better" can trickle from one individual to another: it's contagious, it's inspiring. It makes the chaos bearable, and even fun to return to. 

Til next!