Procrastination + Excuses + Lack of Decision = Blurgh.

 The pile of moving boxes in my room imposed a very good question...

The pile of moving boxes in my room imposed a very good question...

What a great day to write, and get myself started on Day 1 of Nat Sisson’s blog challenge! I had been looking forward to this. Especially since the last time around (2015), I had “participated” as a silent bystander: I signed up, watched the videos, got some ideas... but wrote nothing. My excuse back then? I had no blog. In fact, I had no blog and I was scared to make one. Why? I have no idea. It could have been as simple as “I wasn’t ready”, but I honestly don’t know what was stopping me then.

But today that is not the case. I have a blog! Geez, I even have a website, a plan for a business (something to be hugely motivated about), and here I am! Triumphantly engaging in this challenge, writing, sharing, and happy to do it… Wait! Are you buying into all this giddiness? No? Neither am I.

Let me clarify: yes, it is true that I had been looking forward to this challenge, and yes, I do enjoy writing. But partaking is less so because of my love of writing, and more so because I want to build a good habit and overcome my "seemingly endless" bout of procrastination.

I’m an independent graphic and web designer building my own business, but I am also an expert in the art of “putting things off”. So that is challenge number one for me: overcoming procrastination. Also, I’m very good at finding the excuses to put things off, which is my challenge number two: overcoming the art of “convincing myself why I should not do something” - which I am very good at. For example: I am preparing to move at the end of the month to another city, miles and miles away from where I currently live, and amidst all the details of the move (which I have to accomplish on my own, mind you), I have no time to dedicate to anything else… and that sounds like a pretty valid excuse, right? Wrong. Let me tell you why:

I have learned overtime that the planet will not stop spinning so I can catch a breath and get my sh*t together. There’s no “perfect time” for me to wait for: it's either now or never. So I figured that I better learn how to “spin with the planet” and build a rhythm in which I can participate in this mess, rather than just watch it happen from the sidelines, as a silent bystander - which I am quite fed up with.

And as far as my third challenge, here it is: deciding to commit. I actually have immense will power and discipline when I wholeheartedly commit to something. It's the decision to get there that takes me a long time to get to. When I make an honest and definite decision in both my mind and my heart, sh*t gets done!

So there it is: procrastination + excuses + lack of decision is a formula that equals my lack of progress. These are my three biggest challenges today. But having awareness is a huge step toward progress, and as I mentioned, I have faith in my will power and discipline (which have saved me many times also). So with that, my friends, I give you post 1 of today's challenge (woohoo! I made it!). I’ll see you on the next one!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1.