My Daily Success Plan... and The Box!

 My DGH-box in the making... by the time I'm done, I'm going to want to hide in it myself!

My DGH-box in the making... by the time I'm done, I'm going to want to hide in it myself!

My daily success plan starts with a box I am putting together. It’s a wooden box that was previously used as a wine crate, and is now becoming a part of my big picture plan.

I explain: I am morning person and all about rituals. If I get my first few actions of the day on the right track, I am almost certain to have a positively productive day, no matter what happens. Really: to me, those first few hours make my mindset for the day.

As I described prior, on the perfect day exercise, I like to wake up early, take care of my dog, workout, meditate, pray, eat a healthy breakfast, and then get to work. By then, if this ritual has been practiced, at the 9 o’clock hour of the morning I’m feeling like a million bucks! I’m energized, and feeling like I can problem-solve like it’s nobody’s business.

But here is my current issue: my constant use of electronic devices is “putting a dent” on my discipline. I am running out of focus, going to sleep late, and checking emails and social media at odd hours. In consequence of this, I don’t wake up early; much less act on the first few hours of my day, as I aim to. I understand I have to take responsibility and harness my discipline, because this bad habit is harming my daily "setting up for success" ritual.

If you noticed on yesterday’s post, I tend to come out of my shell if I allow myself to get creative: at first I felt really odd about writing on my personal traits, but once I was able to draw, I felt much more comfortable.

So here enters the wooden box/wine crate and how getting creative will help me overcome the "too much electronics" habit: I am crafting a Devices Go Here-box (or DGH, for short), that will be used in the following manner - before bedtime, my electronic devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone) will be turned off, and put into the box. None of these devices will be taken back into the bedroom with me: I am noticing that my eyes suffer from the late-night glare. After this overnight ritual, my phone may be turned on (in airplane mode) in the morning, specifically at the workout hour (because I use it to track my reps), and both my Mac and iPad will be turned on at the first working hour, at 9AM (when internet access will be allowed on my phone as well). I plan to "lock" the electronics into the DGH-box at meal and visit times – when friends are over, I devote my attention to them, not the screen.

In summary, my daily success plan starts with me taking responsibility for my current bad habit with electronics, and doing something about it. A simple nightly ritual of turning my devices off will make a huge difference on my morning's "setting up for success". I'm also making a crafty decision that the DGH-box will be fun and cute. And believe me, when I make something fun and cute, I use it (can I be more of a girl-cliché?).

So watch out for Instagram and Pinterest, because when my DGH-box is made, it’s going up (so you can make yours too, you silly internet addict!). Cheers!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5