SUPERPOWERS!!! (I have them... and so do you)

 It's awkward to list my qualities without feeling like an a**... but doodling got me to "spill the beans"!

It's awkward to list my qualities without feeling like an a**... but doodling got me to "spill the beans"!

"Unlocking My Superpowers" - an exercise that required I sit down and give myself a good ol’pat on my back. Which is a break from my usual hard critical look into everything I do.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not into self-abuse or personal lack of appreciation. I am (most of the time) my own best friend, and treat myself as such: with love and kindness. But I can be guilty of being way harsher on me than I would be on anybody else. I blame it on growing up Catholic! (HA! Pardon me, I had to “make a funny” here).

Having said that, listing personal qualities I can use for the benefit of my business, felt a little weird at first. With that in mind (and just so I didn’t feel like my ego was about to explode) I did this exercise in a way I am comfortable with: drawing.

I doodled a picture of my profile and then listed particular traits around myself. Those traits were written in sentence form. They were:

PERSEVERANCE - “I have overcome a lot of obstacles already” / “When I put my mind to something, I work hard for it”;

FOCUSED / CREATIVE – “I’m creative and driven”/ “What the mind believes the body can achieve”; *

* The "back story" on this one is that I went through a massive weight loss years ago.

PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS – “I have faith in collaboration between individuals”;

HAVE FAITH IN MYSELF – “there are a lot of ideas around here”;

COURAGE - “I’m not afraid of taking risks” / “I have absolutely nothing to lose”;

RESILIENT / OPTIMISTIC – “I’m a resilient individual and believe that creativity and art are a means to instill positive change in the world”;

I also added “COMMON SENSE”, which is what has gotten me this far in life for sure.

Listing these personal “tools” (if I may call it that) was a reassuring self-reminder. As I grow my client base, looking back at this list will help me get a boost of confidence in what is best in me.

Of course, I can also make a doodle of “LOTS of room for growth” – and that drawing would be friggin’ hilarious!

But for today, I follow Natalie’s directions, unlock my superpowers, and remind myself that I have great cards in my hands. Just have to play them right. Also, I recommend this exercise to anyone looking for a little morale boost and self-awareness: be good and give yourself some credit. One cannot achieve anything without faith in themselves, right? See you tomorrow!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4