Just Perfect!

 Moby, on one of our perfect days out...

Moby, on one of our perfect days out...

I made it! Today is day 3, and the blog challenge is about describing my "perfect day" and what that would look like.

So I typed down a very nice description of a "day in the life of Aline", imagining possible circumstances I would find awesome, and then I laid it out in bullet points. Here it goes:


  • I wake up super early at 5:30am (no, I'm no masochist. I actually enjoy leaping out of bed at the crack of dawn). I feel energized to start the day.
  • Brush my teeth, put on some shoes, and walk my dog, Moby - Hanging out with him and getting sunshine first thing in the morning gets me hyped up and ready!
  • Get back home, eat a pear (I'm obsessed with pears), go workout. After workout, meditate and pray in gratitude.
  • Get back home, eat breakfast, drink coffee. Start my work day at 9AM.
  • Work on my business' priorities for the day, and do so until 11AM, when I take a break for lunch. The hourlong break allows me to walk my dog again and step outside to enjoy my meal under the sun.
  • Get back to work at noon, wrap up by 2PM. I get back home and take Moby out again. This time, for a long walk and play at the beach. 
  • By the time I return home, I am ready to meet my creative-project partner to work together on our deal (which is aside from my own business) until about 6PM, when we wrap up. 
  • I get dinner with friends, I enjoy a nice meal and conversations, and go home to wind down for the night. I'm in bed by 9PM (once again, I'm no masochist. Just a weirdo that likes to be in and out of bed early).

Now, once I typed all that I felt a bit uneasy: "that day is totally achievable, yet it feels so mechanical!" - I thought. I had left absolutely no room for spontaneity or the "the uncertain" - the things that I have no control over, and will happen no matter what.

I'm definitely a planner, that likes to be ahead of the curve. But I also like to leave room for the events I did not imagine at all, that are possibly better than anything I could ever conceive. Seeing my "little perfect plan" in front of me just made it so... lame.

I noticed that I did not "paint" a guy in the picture, and yet, I am so open to meeting someone. But my mind seems to be set on something that is more familiar to me, and the guy is not there yet. I also noticed that I constricted my day in 2 hour chunks of work and squeezed a couple of breaks in between (lunch and a walk on the beach). Now, let it be known that being a workaholic is one of my drawbacks: if it's left up to me, I'll work non-stop and leave little room for fun (I'm just built that way). In summary, I wasn't really too happy with my notion of a perfect day.

I have done the perfect day exercise before, at least twice. I understand it's an exercise of mindset: the point is to get my thoughts in the right direction, to give me a vision of what my life can be, if I make up my mind first. I get it.

But this made me realize that I have to expand my imagination to think bigger, better, and louder! That there is still lots of room for growth.

I also noticed that in my description, the presence of my dog was a constant. That made sense: he makes my days much, much better! No matter what happens, Moby has got my back. He is my best buddy, and even when things are less than perfect, he finds a way to cheer me up. 

So perfect days are good for the imagination. This one is still a work in progress in my own mind: a picture that will grow and evolve as I do the same. However, it was a useful exercise in making me aware of a need to address my self-imposed limitations and expand possibilities in my own mind. But while I learn those "tricks", two things I know for sure: I will aim to think bigger, better, and louder... and I love my dog.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3