My Reason Why

Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?

As a youngster, I watched my parents struggle both professionally and financially. I grew up in Brazil, a country with a lot of economic ups and downs. In many of those “downs”, my parents’ jobs would go with it. Those were tough times: being forced not to work was very taxing on their morale and very sad for me to watch.

But even sadder, was knowing that the opportunity for them to work on something they truly loved was not on the table: when they were able to get a job, their attitude was one of simple gratitude – they would take what was available, work, and provide. I saw my mom sell shoes when she could not get a job in the justice system (she has a law degree) and I watched my dad fall into a deep depression when he could not get hired because he was “too old” for some companies standards (he was 41 at the time). But my parents managed it even when the situation was far from favorable. They made sure I had everything I needed, and that I was given plenty of opportunities.

One of my parents’ biggest blessings was sending me off to learn English in a “school after school” at the age of 11. I also have to thank my stepparents for that: they paid the school fees when my mom or dad could not. So with their collective financial support, I graduated and was fluent in English by age 17.

The ability to speak another language gave me ample freedom to choose: I chose to come live in the United States at age 20 (I am 33 now); I chose to work my a** off (mostly in the service industry) so I could support myself while living abroad; I chose to go to one of the top art schools in the country and pursue my lifelong dream of an art’s degree… And then I chose to investigate what it is that I want to build for myself when I fell out of love with the very degree I earned.

I am aware of how privileged I am in comparison to my parents. I don’t have to face the obstacles or the pressures they did, and I can take the time to “figure it out” and build a business that fits with my lifestyle.

So I had originally written that my "why” is because I want the freedom to choose: to travel when I want or need to, with the added ability to run a business remotely. But thinking further, I knew that is just not it. I have had (and still have) so much freedom to choose already!

With all that said, my highest value is being of service and making an impact: I want the things that I do with my life (even the most mundane) to be of benefit. Not just to myself, but for others as well. All the freedom in the world - be it to travel and “come and go” as I please, be it financial, or to work on whatever it is that I love - won’t mean anything if it does not positively affect another life (or lives) other than my own.

I value my time greatly. I know I am here temporarily. So why not make the most of it? My parents struggle and hard work provided me with big opportunities and a vision for my life: a life I want to build on my own terms. Their sacrifices were so that I could “have it easier” and in fact, I do.

So as cheesy as this sounds, my “why” is my parents: I work on my dreams so one day I can give them the comfort and abundance they didn’t have, but made sure I did when I was growing up. My goal is that the fruit of my hard work – in a business I am building and loving it – will affect them positively.

So there you have it… blog challenge day 2 – done... and by far the biggest amount soul searching I have had to do this week! Phew!

PS: love you mom and stepdad. Love you dad and stepmom. :)

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2.