The Unpredictable

"After getting ready for work, I geared up and packed my camera bag. My plan was to witness the sunset, nature, and capture fabulous marine themed images after work.

However, during my shift, I started to feel very peculiar: I felt weak, dizzy, and grouchy. I had an annoying cough in the “back of my throat” and was feeling quite hot. I asked a friend of mine to feel my forehead. “You’re cold and clammy!” – she said. Uh-oh. Not a good sign.

By the end of the shift I was in no mood to drive close to an hour "to take lovely photos". Even though I was feeling good enough to drive, I was quite ill. Then I figured: “I can go home and do some crafts! That will be fun!” and it would fulfill my challenge for the day."

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The Imperfect Action

"...I don’t consider myself to be a perfectionist. I am more of a “scaredy-cat”: I put things off not because I want them to be perfect, but because I’m afraid they won’t be any good. I am a “bucket of judgment” when it comes to my own work, and I have, for the past year, progressively worked on overcoming that."

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Liz, You Had Me At "Eat..."

"Today's challenge is to "find one or two people who are living the kind of life I want to live, and whose tribe I’d love to be part of" and then "write a short post about why I find them inspiring and the one question I would ask if I met them in real life".

I thought of someone I admire and would love to have as mentor: Elizabeth Gilbert. I adore her work, think she is fantastic, and enjoy the insight she provides her audience. She is remarkable!"

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