writing an "About" page is one daunting task...

... At least for an introverted soul like me. But since you and I are here, dear reader, let's go for it!

Hello! My name is Aline Lopes. I'm an artist, pursuer of creative endeavors in many areas, and a project manager to boot!

I love creating, reading, dogs, podcasts, sticky notes, coffee, hiking, chocolate, my mom, "organizing just 'cause", magnets, traveling, and 'being somewhat random' (can't you tell? :)


I am mostly quiet and introspective - with an odd sense of humor - and I appreciate the company of my small - but fierce - circle of friends and family.

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon...


...So I held on to that crayon for dear life, and mercilessly drew on the walls, my face, and my mom's furniture.

Let's just say that mom was "not happy" with my choice of "media" back then - and that is putting it lightly... that woman was fuming! But aside from that, she remained my biggest motivator, kept every single crazy scribble I made, and always referred to me as "the artist in the family". God bless her!

I kept my varied artistic pursuits throughout life, and graduated magna cum laude from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2011, with a BFA in Broadcast Design and Motion Media - which mostly concentrates on video work. In 2014 I was certified in Project Management by Portland State University. 

Although video is not what I focus on these days, some of the works I have done in the past can still be seen in both my Vimeo and YouTube channels. There is always a chance that I will pick that back up again in the future, if whatever project I am working on asks for it. Video is definitely one of the mediums I very much cherish!


Nowadays, I dedicate myself to drawing (my first love), writing, and freelance design and project management works. I also indulge on other collaborative creative endeavors that fulfill my heart and soul.

I currently live in sunny Florida, with my beloved dog (and major source of inspiration) Moby. He is the muse of my Moby Knows Best drawings, and the star of many of my designs.

My creative living is a fun way of life, which I love and enjoy. I wish that kind of creativity, fun, and enjoyment for everyone! No matter what you do, if you have an artistic pulse, do not compromise it. Live it in anyway you can!